4 Deserts

Atacama Crossing (Chile) 2013

The Atacama Desert.

The most arid on the planet.

In March 2013 in the series of 4 Deserts, with the dream and desire to learn about this incredible and passionate discipline of Ultramarathons. He's been running since I was 17, half of my life. I also started the series with the need to find myself after some difficult times. I wanted to find my spirit again and I ran it, only running those long distances through the beautiful, demanding and mystical desert of Atacama, Chile. Nothing was easy friends, I lost all my travel team at Santiago de Chile airport, two days before the race. I cried, I jumped, I screamed and the only thing that motivated me to run the 250km race I said, "Everything is possible if I want to do it" and so somehow all things crossed my path correctly and runners from all over the world arrived To help me, and for this help I formed my team again to enter the competition. Yes, and that was how I ran 250 kilometers, finished and conquered the first desert.


Gobi March (China) 2015

The Gobi Desert.

The most extreme desert in the world.

In June 2015, with the desire to continue the series of 4 Deserts, I followed my dream and I was next to the man I love, my husband, Jeff Lung. I asked him to accompany me to China, to the most extreme desert in the world, the Gobi Desert. I said "you'll love it, spend a week in the unknown, supporting runners who run 250km." As Jeff had already lived in China and spoke Mandarin this was what helped to unite and return to China. The Gobi desert was the most incredible and extreme place I have ever been. The race started with a snowstorm and it was very cold cold! With snow so she was not ready. It gave me hypothermia on the second day and it was hard, tough hand. Just as in difficult times, so are the Ultramarathons are not easy friends. However, my temperature went up, I was in better condition and I continued the race, after crossing the ravines with more than 110 degrees Fahrenheit of temperature and finishing the race with a sandstorm. The unpredictability of time was amazing as real life ... we can have a plan in life, and in a few seconds everything changes, that's how life, life is unpredictable. Life is like the weather and I found myself again just enjoying and learning every second of it, as in the four seasons we have per year! And yes, I conquered the Gobi desert in China, the second desert of the series and also won in my category!


Sahara Race (Namibia) 2016

The Namibia Desert.

The desert is the oldest in the world, with the highest sand dunes.

In May 2016, Gentile and unbreakable was the Namibian desert, the oldest desert on the planet. It was a beautiful desert to run in those high sand dunes, running along the Atlantic coast, where I listened day and night to the ocean that hit, beat with its waves, which helped me to connect my soul and my being. Namibia helped me see myself, forcing me to be more patient. This ultra marathon, this race required a static rhythm to cross the desert. It was an incredible and difficult race, it was my first Ultra marathon running through the ocean. The temperature was comfortable compared to the other deserts. The hard part was running the incredible sand dunes. Once again I asked my husband Jeff Lung if he wanted to enjoy 7 days without a shower and hang out in the desert supporting the runners and said yes, yes, well! Jeff is a key to my motivation during these races, because I can see my dreams through him, bringing me happiness and energy along the way. We traveled 37 hours from Chicago to Namibia, Africa. Yes, once again I said to myself, yes this is possible. In the end, I did, I finished and I conquered my third desert of the series of 4 Deserts.


The Last Desert (Antarctica) 2016

Running unites nations and consolidates the planet! "All we are saying is giving peace a chance”

I conquered Racing the Planet’s 4 Deserts ultramarathon in six different locations in Antarctica with a total of 202.9 Km in six days.

I dream, I run and I love because I have the freedom to imagine, to adapt my life, to leave the cave, freeing me from materials, enabling me to reach the light of what makes me happy, to live!

I am infinitely grateful to all of you dear friends, family, God and the Universe for following along on this journey that began way back in 2013, in the Atacama Desert, Chile. It continued in 2015 in the Gobi Desert, China. In 2016 I journeyed to the Namib Desert in Africa, and now I finished in Antarctica. Thanks to all of those who believe that life is a dream and dreams are goals – to those who have been criticized for dreaming crazy and enjoying life. Thanks to my beloved Jeff Lung, my husband who is my rock, who follows me throughout every step of life – with the ups and the downs – without giving up and through adversity. Thanks to my sisters Zailly and Yvonne, my parents Adriana and Arturo who have been examples of love, consistency, perseverance, growth, struggle and humility, thus sharing their lives in success and difficulty, with the ultimate purpose of leaving us with their message, their legacy, to “love their kids”. Thank you! Thank you my dear Raiza Mendoza and Gift of Hope - the organ and tissue donation network. Thank you for helping me during this project, for believing in me, for believing that a dreamer is capable of working and studying hard to achieve whatever she wants through love and faith. Thanks to our Mexican journalist Rubén Hipólito who has followed my steps in each of the 4 deserts. Thank you Iron Lung Fitness for being a part of this project, for promoting health and athletics in our community. Thanks to Michael Lung for his love and support and for his contribution through America’s ER. All of their support helped me to complete this race. Thanks to our dear Nahila San Juan and Bety Camiade for motivating me with their own distances. Thanks to Michelle Hartwig for her love and support, especially through the 361 team, who was with me in Antarctica.


Thanks to our dear amiga Natasha Fanshawe from England for her love and help on this project and our lovely Nudo family for their help and blessings.

Bit by bit, you taught me to live, Antarctica. Antarctica taught me to live. It was there that I completed the 4 most extreme desert ultramarathons put on by Racing the Planet. We began our journey on November 18 from the Port of Ushuaia, Argentina, a place called “The end of the world, beginning of everything”. After two days of sailing, on November 21, we landed on King George Island, where the race started. On that first day we spent 14 hours running a loop of 11.4km. The next day we were in a place call Telefon Bay, Deception Island, where we ran a 3km loop for 10 hours straight. On the third day, we were in Paradise Harbour, Stoney Point, where we ran for 8 hours on a 1.4 km loop. On day four we were at Damoy Point, running for 4 hours along a 3.8 km circuit. On the fifth day we were on Danco Island, where we ran for 8 hours on a 3.1 km loop. On the final day of the series, were on Half Moon Island, where we ran for 3 hours, where I completed a total of 202.9 km, finally finishing the 4 Deserts series! Happy To Live, Happy to Love! Dream and Love Freely!

© Edna Jackeline 2017