"Mexican American competitor Edna Vazquez discovered a love for athletics in her hometown of Monterrey in Nuevo Leon, where she participated in ballet, gymnastics, swimming and basketball and was educated by Mexico's Militarized Sports. Later, in her teenage years, she found her passion for running ultramarathons. Since then she has run ultramarathons through multiple terrains in Europe, Asia, Africa, Antarctica and the Americas. Edna says that ultramarathons have, "lifted me across several stages of my life, to confront trials with hope and faith, to be a better person, to find happiness, peace and love." She continues: "Life as an ultramarathoner is more than a lifestyle and miles. It is a path of cycles, events, moments, achievements, and experiences, all with the firm intention to transcend as a person." Amongst Edna's race finishes are multiple 150-mile, 100-mile, 50-mile and 50-kilometer ultramarathons as well as Ironman triathlons."

- biography from www.4deserts.com

At the age of 35, Edna became the first Mexican-American to complete The 4 Deserts Race Series, becoming a member of the 4 Deserts Club at The Last Desert (Antarctica) in 2016, after perviously finishing The Sahara Race (Namibia) in 2016, Gobi March (China) in 2015 (where she was the fourth female finisher), and The Atacama Crossing (Chile) in 2013.

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Personal Statement

Yes, I am Mexican and I am a citizen of the United States of America. Yes, I am a woman restless, continuously in motion since my birth. My parents and grandparents can confirm. I have conviction in my decisions and legs strong as oaks that mark my every step. In my hometown of Monterrey, NL Mexico, I discovered a love for athletics and after a few years found my passion for running ultramarathons.

The foundation of my ultramarathon discipline was set in my teenage years. Prior to that it was constructed from activities such as ballet, gymnastics, swimming and basketball as well as the education provided by Mexico’s Militarized Sports Pentathlon. All of these experiences led me to discovery, allowing me to run ultramarathons for 20 years through multiple terrains of this beautiful planet, including those in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas.

I’m a conqueror of dreams and I’m a lover of racing ultra distances. I love my life and my family too; I do believe that the attraction and pleasure of life lies in the unknown, building our projects in the hard work it takes to conquer and achieve our dreams.

I was also blessed to have an education through the financial support of the School of Languages. My high school education at the University of Monterrey was based in Systems of Automation and computer language programming. I then went on to receive my bachelor’s in Higher Education and Human Relations. I continued my studies with specialties in social psychology, human behavior, and work/sports psychology from the University of Seville (Spain). Finally, I received an MBA at Robert Morris University in Chicago, Illinois.

I acquired the knowledge and work experience necessary for directing business operations in manufacturing and food manufacturing.

Edna Jackeline’s Mission

Assist in the development of society through family, education, sports discipline, cultural exchange, and integration in the ongoing work to help man realize his dreams to the fullest level of happiness.

Edna Jackeline’s Vision

Promote, guide, inspire and convince our society that all dreams are attainable to the extent that one wants to obtain them through education, sport and continuous work.

Edna Jackeline’s Values

Love - Perseverance - Peace - Respect - Help - Integrity

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